quarta-feira, agosto 5

cuidado pedras porque...

... amanhã lá vou eu

Resin, you stick to my fingers

But you get me high and you get me by

And so I figure

Resin, you burn from black to white

But you last me long when all my weed is gone

And so I figure

I think I will keep you around

Just in case my big supply is down

But now if I really want to get all fucking stoned

I gotta mix you with the BKF

And now I know what to do when mary is gone

I just hook up with her available friend, Resin

Heaven, the smell of your hair lingers

But you stay all night, even when we fight

And so I figure

The SuperVillains, Resin

1 comentário:

  1. Também andei nessa boa vidinha nos últimos dias, mas no body board :D